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Who We Are?
We have been producing state of the art top quality products for several years, as we are well equipped with modern and contemporary technology. We have a prevailing and powerful set up to fulfill our customers great demands on time.

Customers Satisfaction
We believe in customer's satisfaction. It is our key to success.

Web Updation
Dear Viewers, We have lunched new version of our web site with complete & professional range of Surgical, Dental, Beauty and Veterinary Instruments.

  Professional Barber Scissors
  Professional Thinning Scissors
  Nail & Cuticle Scissors
  Utility Scissors
  Fancy & Embroidery Scissors
  Pet Grooming Scissors
  Eye Brow Tweezers
  Auto Tweezers
  Professional Nail Nippers
  Cutical Nippers
  Pedicure Nail Cutters
  Nail Cutters
  Cuticle Pushers & Cleaners
  Corner Cutters
  Acrylic Nail Clippers
  Corn Plane
  Black Head Remover
  Eyelash Curlers
  Men's Collection
  Manicure Kits


Manicure Instruments >> Acrylic Nail Clippers
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Acrylic Nail Clipper



Acrylic Nail Clipper





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