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Who We Are?
We have been producing state of the art top quality products for several years, as we are well equipped with modern and contemporary technology. We have a prevailing and powerful set up to fulfill our customers great demands on time.

Customers Satisfaction
We believe in customer's satisfaction. It is our key to success.

Web Updation
Dear Viewers, We have lunched new version of our web site with complete & professional range of Surgical, Dental, Beauty and Veterinary Instruments.

  Diagnostic Instruments
  Anaesthesia Instruments
  Puncture & Inspiration Instruments
  General Operation Instruments
  Dissecting Sets
  Forceps & Clamps
  Probes & Directors Applicators
  Suture Instruments
  Bandage & Plaster Instruments
  Bone Instruments
  Thoracic Instruments
  Cardiovascular Instruments
  Neuro Surgical Instruments
  Eye Instruments
  Ear Instruments
  Nazal Instruments
  Mouth & Throat Instruments
  Tonsil Instruments
  Laryngo Broncho Esophagoscopy Instruments
  Tracheotomy Instruments
  Goitre Instruments
  Intestinal Instruments
  Rectal Instruments
  Gall Bladder Instruments
  Kidney Instruments
  Urological Instruments
  Geynecological Instruments
  Obstetrical Instruments
  Sterlizing Instruments
  Orthopaedic Instruments
  Chirpody Instruments


  Surgical Instruments   [ PAGES  1 2 3 4 ]

Thoracic Instruments

  Total Pages: 1
  Total Products: 13


Tonsil Instruments

  Total Pages: 1
  Total Products: 27


Tracheotomy Instruments

  Total Pages: 1
  Total Products: 13


Urological Instruments

  Total Pages: 1
  Total Products: 28

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